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Daily therapy for your child with individualized goals that focus on improving specific behaviors, such as social skills, language &communication, independence, generalization, play, and more.

Facilitated through 1-on-1 therapy within individual and group settings within the center.

We provide comprehensive speech & language assessments, as well as individual or small group therapy sessions for children with apraxia, autism, language delays, and more.

Social Skills 

Social groups offer a unique opportunity for children to learn, understand, and practice different communication skills and social concepts within a group of their peers.

These typically include cooperative play, negotiation skills, and exploring shared interests.

Comprehensive treatment to increase your child’s ability to successfully participate in daily activities at home, school, and within the community.

Addressing motor skills, sensory needs, picky eating, self-care, and more.

Where To Begin

Look over the entire step-by-step process  to begin therapy service(s). From your first inquiry about treatment to finalizing your child's weekly schedule.

What We Need From You

Review forms and documents we will need to begin therapy placement for your child. Fill them out online and start the intake process today.

Our Staff

Meet the different staff members who make up our therapy services team. Get to know the center's directors & founders, Mary Burke and Julie Wilson.

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